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Unseen support for superheroes

Contest entry for Cracked…again.


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New iPhone wallpapers

Some written blog posts are on the way soon, for all 3 of you readers that are waiting.  But in the meantime, I worked up some new wallpapers for my iPhone using an image of Superman originally painted by comic book icon Alex Ross.

One lock screen:

and the first of three home screens (more to come):


In case anyone is curious, we have original Superman, behind him we have the Player 2 version of him from the old school “bash n smash” arcade game, the white S belongs to a version based on the Justice Lords version from the Justice League animated series.  Back row, we have Bizarro, and the outfit Superman wore when he came back from the dead.

After reading all that, I realize how geeked up it all sounds.  Wow.

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Bad Deodorant Scent Ideas

  • Mildewy Blast
  • Butt-Cheek Sweat
  • Cat
  • Vomit
  • Cat Vomit
  • Zesty Burp
  • Turpentine
  • Gasoline Musk
  • Yeasty Snatch
  • Melted Rubber
  • Babooshka Burst
  • Itchy Scab
  • Warm Sulfur
  • Douche

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